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The PAX Foundry Group

The PAX Foundry & Machining Group offers over 3 million square feet of one-off to high production, sand and investment / lost foam, ferrous metal castings. Our foundries are strategically located in Ontario, Canada and Dalian, China to ship economically throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and The World. Our casting capabilities range from 1 lb to over 500,000 lbs. We cast over 300 alloys to our customer specifications in carbon, stainless, alloy and super alloy, duplex and super duplex, steels, ductile iron, austemtempered ductile iron and chrome iron including heat and wear resistant products. All foundries are ISO9001:2008 or 2015 certified. Our Niagara, Canada foundry is AAR M201 certified. Our Dalian Xinzhong Group certifications include ISO/TS16949:2009, ISO14000, ISO18000 and 9 world ship registries.

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Computerized pour and solidification simulation, pattern-less 3D printed and robotic mold making, non-destructive testing and computerized heat treating are all part of our high quality production system. Assembly, cleaning, coating, and just-in-time warehousing and delivery are also offered.

Since 1982 we have successfully produced castings for the automotive, pump, valve, heavy equipment, engine, mining, marine and shipbuilding, power generation, rail, elevator, construction, infrastructure and steel industries.

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3D Printing and Sand Molds

Posted Sep 28th, 2017 in news

No longer limited to traditional techniques and processes, innovative foundries such as the Peninsula Alloy & the PAX Foundry & Machining Group are helping to revolutionize the mold production process. The driving force behind this revolution in mold making is the development of 3D printed sand molds, which eliminate the costly and time consuming aspects of the pattern making production process. Once detached from the drawbacks of traditional mold production, these revolutionary techniques enabl

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Announcement - Pen Alloy Partners with Dalian Zinzhong Group to Commercialize its Products in China

Announcement - Pen Alloy Partners with Dalian Zinzhong Group to Commercialize its Products in China

Posted Aug 31st, 2016 in news

Peninsula Alloy of Ontario announced a joint venture with Dalian Xinzhong Group to commercialize its products in China. The venture includes $2.5 million in capital and $5 million in equity, which will help Peninsula scale up its business and expand its footprint in both Canada and China, generating potentially up to 60 new jobs in Canada.

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