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Welcome to Peninsula Alloy Inc.

Peninsula Alloy, Engineered Ferrous Castings

Peninsula Alloy Inc. has been producing custom product solutions in Niagara, Ontario since 1982.

Since their beginnings in 1982, Peninsula Alloy has been producing superior quality engineered ferrous castings for the general industrial marketplace.

From their installed casting capacity of up to 15,000 lbs, to the addition of their installed patternless mould capabilities and producing castings from 3D printed moulds, Peninsula Alloy has never stopped innovating.  

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What's New?

Announcement - Pen Alloy Partners with Dalian Zinzhong Group to Commercialize its Products in China

Announcement - Pen Alloy Partners with Dalian Zinzhong Group to Commercialize its Products in China

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Peninsula Alloy of Ontario announced a joint venture with Dalian Xinzhong Group to commercialize its products in China. The venture includes $2.5 million in capital and $5 million in equity, which will help Peninsula scale up its business and expand its footprint in both Canada and China, generating potentially up to 60 new jobs in Canada.

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