Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel castings include Corrosion Resistant, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Precipitation Hardening and other alloys for any casting or containment project. Below are grade, ASTM and equivalent materials available. Call us for more information.

Corrosion Resistant

Common Name ASTM # Grade Approximate Equivalent
Corrosion Resistant A744 CF8M 316
Corrosion Resistant A744 CF8C 304L
Corrosion Resistant A744 CF3 316L
Corrosion Resistant A744 CF3M 317L
Corrosion Resistant A744 CG3M 317
Corrosion Resistant A744 CG8M ALLOY 20
Corrosion Resistant A744 CN7M
Corrosion Resistant A744 CN7MS
Corrosion Resistant A744 CN3MN 254SMO
Corrosion Resistant A744 CK3MCuN
Corrosion Resistant A744 CN3MCu 17-4PH
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Common Name ASTM # Grade Approximate Equivalent
Iron-Chromium-Nickel A744 CF8 304
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Precipitation Hardening

Common Name ASTM # Grade Approximate Equivalent
Precipitation Hardening A747 CB7Cu-1 15-5PH
Precipitation Hardening A747 CB7Cu-2 J93373
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Common Name ASTM # Grade Approximate Equivalent
304 A743 CF8 304
317L A743 CG3M 317L
317 A743 CG8M 317
A743 CG12
A743 CF20
316 A743 CF8M 316
A743 CF8C
A743 CF16F
A743 CF16Fa
A743 CH10 J93401
A743 CH20 309
A743 CE30
A743 CK20
A743 CA15 410
A743 CA15M
A743 CA40 420
A743 CA40F
A743 CB30
A743 CC50
A743 CF3
A743 CF3M 316L
A743 CF3MN J92804 316 MOD
A743 CN3M
A743 CN3MN
A743 CN7M ALLOY 20
A743 CN7MS
A743 CA6NM 410 MOD
A743 CA6NM
A743 CF10MnN 218
A743 CA28MWV
A743 CK3MCuN
A743 CK35MN
A743 CB6
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